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I truly love what I do, and feel very lucky to have found my passion.  I want to capture special moments for you and your family, like I have my own.  When you look at a picture and it makes you smile or laugh, my heart is happy!

Hi, I;m Maura.

Capturing all those little life moments
is my favorite thing to do.

In the late 60s, my dad was in the Army, stationed in South Korea, where he bought his first Nikon pro camera with 2 lenses for $329 (how nice would that be?!). As Public Information Officer, he was  responsible for documenting military activities, including visits from politicians like Robert Kennedy (on the right). Throughout my childhood, he continued to record our lives  ̶  taking pictures, developing them, printing them, framing them, and displaying them proudly. It’s no wonder I caught the photo bug!

Family history through photography...

Starting in the old days... (the 80's)

It began in high school. I took a photography class in 10th grade, and I was hooked. There was no digital photography in the old days. We would actually shoot around the school and then go develop pictures in the school dark room. I absolutely loved it. My parents still have the first photograph I took hanging on their family room wall. Not sure why a broken bottle spoke to me, but it did!

Deciding on a photography career

I took more photography classes in college, but didn’t think I could make a career out of it. Fast forward 10 years and, after getting married and having my boys, I picked up my camera again. And I realized I didn’t want to put it down. The love was still there, and stronger than ever. I knew then I wanted to be a professional photographer.  

Working with families, seniors, and employees

My goal at any photo shoot is to make you feel at ease and comfortable. I will capture beautiful moments with you and your family. That’s the whole reason we want pictures, capturing the moments!! You know the moments go by fast, that’s why documenting them now is so important, and I'm here to help!

Why choose me as your photographer?

the experience

create a comfortable, fun experience

work together with my clients to get the best shots 

capture real feelings and true emotions

produce high-quality, beautiful photos

deliver happiness

The most important things I provide are to ...

I love reality tv. I wish below deck was around when I was in my 20's, I would have totally tried out for it!!   


I have two beautiful, very tall, very sporty, amazing boys who are both in college. Why didn’t anyone tell me how hard being an empty nester was going to be??


I have a wonderful, super supportive, very involved husband ~ who probably knows as much about photography as I do at this point!


Some fun facts....

I love having margaritas with my sisters.  I bet we could quote any John Hughes 80's movie out there!


I crack myself up all the time. I think I make myself laugh harder than anyone else ~ maybe I need to get out more?


The beach is my happy place, especially when my whole amazing, imperfect, beautiful family is with me. 


My hobby became my passion. And I'm so grateful it did.

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